Monday, March 7, 2016

Bacall Associates - Tips for a More Effective Social Media PR

These past few years, social media has been playing a vital role in the world of public relations. If you want to maintain good public relations for your company, then you should put a continuous effort to it. Social media shouldn't be only used as a one-time engagement strategy, but should be used in a continuous manner.

As renowned experts in public relations, Bacall Associates would like to share some tips for a better and effective social media PR:

A) You should have a clear answer to the question, "What are your goals?" because having in mind the answers to this question is an important foundation before you begin because they can serve as your guide in achieving your goals. The answers may include strengthening the awareness of your brand, or finding more information about the consumers through two-way communication. Developing strategies to achieve your goals with social media can become easier if you have particular objectives in mind.

B) "Quality over quantity", you've heard this phrase a thousand times before, but Bacall Associates wants you to engrave this phrase into your mind if you want to find success in using social media in your public relations. Is having 50,000 followers on Twitter important if none of them is engaging with you? The answer is no, it isn't important. Don't feel bad if you only have less than 50 followers because if those small number of followers are interested in your business and started initiating communication with you, then feel good about it because they could bring profit to your business. Effective communication is a must, so creating a strategy to further improve your engagement with your social media followers is important. If having too many social media accounts gives you a hard time in effectively communicating with the consumers, then just devote your time to a specific social media platform that you think is the right one for you.

C)  If you want to attract the consumers and build further growth for your business, creating a Facebook page or Twitter account can be a very big help. Here in Singapore, most people are active consumers of social media, and recent study states that 74% of its population uses social media regularly. The power of social media can be very effective in this country. But that aside, look at how your competitors are using these social media platforms and identify how many of their followers are actively engaging with them. You can use this information to determine what you can do differently for the consumers.

D) Nowadays, videos are more attractive than texts. Some users would often play a video than read long pages of content. To bring life to your social media profiles, add images or videos to your business' Facebook and Twitter status updates, and tweets. You can also put web-links and video links. Reviews proved that using images and videos are effective tools in captivating and maintaining the interest of your social media followers.

E) Don’t lose the interest of your followers, you should always keep your social media sites updated. You should regularly add content to those sites, and don't forget to add appropriate keywords and tags.

F) Bacall Associates is also encouraging you to do special promotions, or product discounts to achieve loyalty from your social media followers. Communication is important, so make sure to reply to any of the comments the consumers. Users often get disappointed if their comment is not getting any reply. Prove to them that you and your business are an active and dynamic entities that they could trust.

G) Remember that you cannot avoid complaints, and deleting this kind of comments from your social media accounts will not bring you any good, but just further negativity to your business. You don't want negative publicity, right? So face the complaint the way professionals do. You can send a private message to the complainant and do your best to resolve the problem. Then after giving the necessary solution, you can ask the complainant to update his or her comment, stating that the complaint has been resolved.

H) You can also ask your social media followers on what kind of information they want to see in your sites. You can use their answers as a guide in developing a good quality content that interests them, resulting in a long-term engagement.

I) There are different analytics tools available online that could help you measure the engagement rates between your social media followers. Social media measurement is crucial because you need to know what is working from all the strategies you made. Focus equally on both qualitative and quantitative measurement.

If you have further questions regarding this matter, contact the experts from Bacall Associates and seek their professional help. They can help you with your every PR needs and can guide your business to a more fruitful future.

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